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Our garden is always in the full throws of growing delicious food for us. Looking back so far on the summer season, I can see what suited our climate this year and of course next year will always be a little different :) 

This season by far our Top Crops have been Mangere Pole Beans (still going nuts), Zuchinni both our gold and black beauty, our heirloom tomatoes (Vintage Wine, Brandywine Pink, and Black Cherry), Tendergreen cucumbers (though the comments from one in the family was that the seeds were too big {and I wonder if I should have picked earlier}), Perpetual Spinach, Silverbeet, anything in the capsicum/chili family, and our basil.  

Our Flops were our pumpkins, with only one ending up growing to a decent size, we may stave if we were dependent on that one for survival!, Frankie a special tomato that the green shield beetles seemed to like this year, and I've struggled with some other Tomatoes like JBP (grew well, but I wonder if the neighbour had sprayed by the curled leaf) and even Baxter's Early bush, who if I was honest wasn't in the best spot. Too close to the Beans and not enough sun, they wilted and died a spectacular death. My Russian Red was much the same with an early break in the main trunk of the plant. 

New things that I tried were Kharif Eggplant (a very surprising and hardy Aubergine), Mulato Chilli, and Jalapeno Early (and that thing is cranking them out), a variety (around 20) of tomatoes, all of which I have saved plenty of seed for the coming season in late 2022/2023. 

That's about it from me right now, but I will touch base again later in the season. 

Grow well, 

Becks x


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