Rebecca Jenkins. Owner at Low Grow Eat. Online Gardening store

Our Story in the Waikato - Delicious food from the heart

Hi! I am Rebecca. I am a passionate home gardener and Director of Love Grow Eat (used to be Quarter Acre Kitchen). This is our story in the Waikato. 

The revival of the kitchen garden evokes many happy memories as a child. The corn growing sky high, our little dog Penny pinching French beans from the garden, the sheep breaking out of the paddock and eating up everything in the garden, Dad running around with tennis racket trying to kill white butterflies, having chickens scratching around eating bugs and keeping us in eggs and growing statice flowers and selling them to the local décor store. My childhood when it comes to gardening is a happy one. It’s also something I keep coming back to, to find peace and fulfilment in my life.

Recent events worldwide have highlighted the fear of food scarcity, our own mortality, and a forever changing world, due to technology and epidemics. Growing even a little bit of our own food feels like a huge achievement. Often, you’ll find me telling the family at the dinner table, what they are eating out of the garden that evening meal. Growing our own food puts us in a place of control; as to where our food comes from and how it’s grown.

This year saw my family move to a smaller space, but that hasn't meant that I have stood still. We built two gardens, in an "L" shape for ease of use, and have grown most of our food out of these. I have another against the fence line and in our front garden, I've pulled up some rocks and planted seedlings in between the trees. Funny thing about plants is that they will grow well, if given enough water, food, and light. 

Love Grow Eat is a dedicated space for the home gardener, a place of information and inspiration, of all things garden and kitchen. I believe that a kitchen garden (and the kitchen), should be functional but also beautiful.

This comes down to good design and planning, using the right tools and equipment, and growing with nature.

I hope you enjoy our story in the Waikato, and join me on my journey, as I fill the bellies of my loved ones with homegrown, organic fruit and veggies right here in the heart of Cambridge, Waikato. 

Rebecca x


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