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Our Events in the Waikato

We love good events! We aren't shy to set up an event that brings together passionate gardeners, growers and creatives who love their back yards. Our events in the Waikato are a special show of what the Waikato has to offer. 

We will let you know when our next event is coming up! If you know of an event, let me know and I will share your event. 

Need a speaker or facilitator at your gardening or eco event? 

Invite Rebecca, our founder—a witty and charming presenter who excels at creating interactive and entertaining workshops to your next event. Her passion spans from nurturing soil, growing delicious food to fostering community through shared food experiences. Rebecca is eager to be your next event speaker or facilitator. Reach out to us at hello@lovegroweat.co.nz to learn more.


Here are our latest events that are coming up! 


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