Burgon & Ball - Apple Picker

Burgon & Ball


This apple picker is ideal for picking that hard-to-reach fruit. A must-have at harvest time, it lets you pick high fruit in comfort, while keeping both feet firmly on the ground. It’s much faster and safer than using a ladder!

The wire ‘fingers’ are shaped to hook fruit, and there’s a cushioning foam liner to protect the fruit it as it drops into the basket, preventing bruising. The 146cm FSC®-certified wooden handle is lightweight and comfortable to use at height. The apple picker has a one year guarantee.

This fruit picker is ideal for apples, pears, plums, quinces – any larger fruit which grows at height. At last, the juiciest fruit is no longer just out of reach!

SKU: 10000-245 TAGS: Fruit Trees, Harvesting, Burgon & Ball

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